Matsi's Puppies Have Arrived!

With the help of Dr. Corey and the staff at Todd County Animal Clinic Matsi's puppies have arrived!

Matsi's labor started late yesterday afternoon. It was a very warm day so we set up to whelp in one of our partially enclosed kennels; having a nice breeze during labor just seemed like a more pleasant experience than the puppy house. About 40 minutes after we got settled my son ran out of the house yelling, "Tornado watch, Mom! The alarm is going off, we're under a tornado watch!" (My kids can be a bit dramatic at times lol) Sure enough, not a minute later all our phones started dinging with warnings and so we worked quickly to move our labor and delivery ward to our storm shelter in the basement, just in case.

Soon after we got set up there, Matsi had her first pup, which was sadly stillborn, but had two healthy pups within the next hour. Then her labor stopped.

After about two hours with no contractions I felt it was time to call the vet. We met up with Dr. Corey and his medical staff at approximately 9pm and it was determined that Matsi would need a C-Section due to a breech puppy. After they got Matsi prepped for surgery they invited us back so that we could watch Dr. Corey and his two vet techs (I wish I asked their names) deliver 7 more healthy babies. It was the most amazing experience to watch the medical team work to safely bring our pups into this world!

We got home at about 11:30pm and since Matsi and the pups were still a little drunk on anesthesia, Brittany took the first shift to monitor them. I got a little catnap in before taking over at about 2am and have been up ever since. Ashley and Mikey will take tonight's night shift. This really is a team effort and words can't express how grateful I am for my kids, my husband, and especially Todd County Animal Clinic. The love they have for our animals, and even us as customers, is what makes them truly amazing! From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

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