Learning the discipline of industry

I posted a few weeks ago about my children getting involved in parts of the dog business. We have had a very busy few weeks with soccer, homeschooling, photography, training, demos, recitals, and many other things. However, I am proud of my kids in that despite all the activities that takes up so much of our time, they have all made attempts on their own to learn the ropes of their designated jobs, or have ask to be taught. All without my prompting!

The picture below shows Ashley with the camera at Michael Jr's soccer game. She has been learning how to work the camera on manual mode, meaning she controls the shutter speed and aperture which is much more difficult than point-and-shoot, but produces far better images. Brittany is pictured here working on organizing dog receipts, she will be recording them into my financial record books.

I don't have any pictures of Michael Jr yet. Learning the drone is a far more complex job and I have to learn how to connect it via it's app to my new phone. Our days will soon be less hectic with soccer ending this weekend and then that will be our next project.

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