A Litter of Cuteness!

Updated: Jun 3, 2019

Introducing Tala and Hero's beautiful offspring! We are calling this first litter our Alpha Litter, and with the exception of one puppy, each has been given a name that starts with "A".

The one exception is a puppy we named after a K9 hero from our area; this puppy was given, what we call, the Honorary K9 Hero's name. Out of every litter we have, we will choose one puppy who will take on the name of a K9 who has been a benefit to our community for the greater good.

Every pup that goes to a new home may have his/her name changed in the AKC registry except the Honorary K9. That puppy must be registered through AKC with the name we chose; this is our unique way of showing our gratitude to our many K9 heroes and their handlers. Of course the owner can use whatever name they choose at home for their new pup.

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