How Do We Train Our Own Dogs?

Basic Obedience

Through the training  process we learn so much about our dog's personality, drive, temperament, nerves, and even limitations.  We put a lot of emphasis on obedience in our training program because we believe it is the foundation of a good  relationship between handler and canine.


German Shepherds have a natural instinct to protect, and because we want our dogs to be good citizens in our home and in public, we believe that socialization is as equally as important as obedience in producing a well-rounded working canine or family pet.


Another aspect of our training program involves environmentals.  We introduce our dogs to a variety of different environments, noises, and situations.  We will purposefully create, in a controlled environment, high-stress situations in order to build confidence in our dogs so that they remain calm when unexpected events occur. 

Search & Rescue

We are active volunteers within the search and rescue field, so we train our dogs in the discipline of tracking and open-air searching.  This skill is very rewarding to the dogs, and they truly enjoy this work!

Human Remains Detection

In addition to the tracking, we also train for Human Remains Detection as part of their search qualifications and abilities.  

Just Being A Dog

I don't suppose this is training, but we incorporate this into our dogs  training routine.  We make sure to reward our dogs with play time in between training sessions.  This helps us to build a close bond with our pups, and gives them a chance to just be a dog.