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Oh, almighty, God.  Whose great power and eternal wisdom embraces the universe, I pray you watch over my handler since I am no longer there.  Protect my handler from harm while I am unable to do so. 

I ask for your loving care towards my handler, and give my handler your unending courage and strength as the mission is dangerous.  

Dear, God.  Protect my brave handler, grant your almighty protection and unite my family together again after the mission has ended.  Amen.

Who are the Honorary K9s?

One puppy out of each litter that we have will be named after a K9 hero from either the police, military, or search and rescue field.   This puppy is given, what we call, the Honorary K9 Hero's name.  Every pup that goes to a new home may have his/her name changed in the AKC registry except the Honorary K9. That puppy must be registered through AKC with the name of the k9 hero that it was named after; this is our unique way of showing our respect and gratitude to our many K9 heroes who have gone before us.

honorary k9 Matsi
Honorary K9 Mallie
honorary k9 uno
K9 Mallie
k9 Uno