Tala is a mostly DDR (about 80% east german, 10% Czech, and 10% west German) German Shepherd.  Her coat is a beautiful rich sable color, and her body structure is solid but petite which makes her quite agile.


She is a very well-rounded dog with a high working drive, stable nerves, and is even tempered.  She is a born leader, and possesses a dominant, Alpha-female personality among her peers.

Tala is such a fun dog to own and work with.  She will go just about anywhere I ask her to, and her agility is absolutely 

incredible!  She is fearless in any terrain, and won't hesitate to go where she is directed.  Make sure you check out her videos.

Tala's drive and intelligence make her a great SAR dog because she learns quickly and loves to track.  She is accomplished and reliable in her training for missing person searches.  

One of Tala's best qualities is her love of people.  Big, little, young, or old...I don't think she's met a person she hasn't fallen in love with, which makes her perfect for therapy and SAR work.  Her confidence prevents her from reacting to foreign environments, and her affectionate personality calms even the most nervous child.

German Shepherd Pedigree

Tala's Pedigree & Health





Raven is about 95% DDR, and 5% Czech.  Her beautiful black coat and broad head make her an absolutely beautiful dog!


She has a stockier build than Tala, and is not quite as agile, but what she lacks in agility is outweighed by her drive and focus.  Those traits make her an excellent tracking and scent detection dog, as she relishes the hunt and rarely misses an article.  


Raven  is proficient in her ability to analyze situations, problem-solve, and adapt to her environment. She is known for her reliability and consistency in scent detection.

I have high expectations for Raven's offspring.  She is intelligent, courageous, possesses an intense prey/ball drive, with a strong desire to protect and does not backdown to challenges. Paired with the right male, she could produce 

excellent professional working dogs.

Though she is fierce in her work, she loves people and is very affectionate.  Her favorite place to be is curled up on my bed in the crook of my legs.  She really is the perfect all-around dog!


Raven's Pedigree & Health


Matsi Tikaani VoM Arbeitshunde


Matsi, our first Honorary K9, was named after a Montgomery County Sheriff's Office search and rescue dog that was accredited for finding a lost child as well as evidence at a crime scene.   The owner/handler of the original Matsi was named after a wolf whom a group of scientists named because of her demeanor in the pack.  The name Matsi means sweet and brave, and then we added her middle name which is Native American meaning "wolf warrior". 

The names fit this girl so well.  She has got a sweet demeanor, is high drive, highly intelligent, hyper-focused, and loves to work!  Matsi is great around adults and children, is non-reactive around loud sudden noises, and fearless in new environments.  She honestly is all-around a super dog.

From the time Matsi was 8 weeks old my daughter Brittany has helped me train her in Human Remains Detection.  Matsi works alongside me as a volunteer with the sheriff's office as a cadaver dog, and at just 14 months old she had her first find which helped bring closure to the family of a missing loved one.  Matsi has passed her hip OFA's and will be bred for the first time in the near future.



Matsi's Pedigree & Health