Atticus is a big sweetheart!  He's the son of Tala and Hero Ja Na Ka and lives with his family in Hopkinsville, KY.  Atticus and his young hander comes to us on a weekly basis to train for search and rescue (tracking/trailing).  Not only is Atticus stunning but he is well tempered but has strong protective insects, especially in regards to his family.  He has medium drives, and is proving to be a great tracking dog.  His handler hopes to join a search and rescue to team when he is old enough, but for now he is dedicated to training Atticus in that discipline and has been very faithful to it.  Atticus will be ready for stud services June 2021.



Drago is our newest baby who we purchased from Dave Taylor, an accomplished police/military K9 and personal protection dog trainer and breeder.  

Our hope and plan for Drago is to train him in Electronic Storage Device Detection  as well as personal protection.  Drago has extreme drives, solid nerves, is highly intelligent, and has the sweetest temperament.  Though we have a long way before we can stud him, he is so far proving to be an excellent addition to our family and breeding program.  Follow us on FB for updates on baby Drago!