Arbeitshunde German Shepherds was a lifelong dream of Brooke Luckingham, a veteran of the United States Coast Guard, and current K9 handler for the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office Search and Rescue team.  The love of the German Shepherd breed is in her blood, beginning with her great-great-great-grandfather, Alexander Baxter.  He is pictured here with his Shepherd, who is said to be of the blood-line of Rin-Tin-Tin.  When Brooke was a young child she fell in love with the breed, but had to wait until adulthood to pursue her dream.  She adopted her first shepherd mix when she was 21, setting the stage for her eventual pursuit of training and breeding.


After a long illness that debilitated Brooke for some time, she purchased her first working dog and began training her for Animal-Assisted Therapy. Through the training process, Brooke found that much of the lingering health issues she was suffering from as a result of her illness would begin to fade away.  

Brooke has always had a desire to serve her community, and because of her experience, she developed a passion through her canines to help others that struggle with PTSD and other ailments.  During her quest to certify her dogs for therapy work, Brooke met Bob Lapointe, a former Disaster Dog hander and K9 handler for the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office.  Bob recognized Brooke's passion and eagerness to train.  He began mentoring her on the intricacies of tracking and article detection.  After several months of instruction, Bob brought Brooke and her K9s onto the Montgomery County Search and Rescue Team where she is continuing her training.     


Brooke has hopes in the future to certify with FEMA's Urban Search and Rescue Task Force and one day start a canine SAR team in her area.  


Progressing forward, she has made it her mission to include in her breeding program well-rounded dogs who have great temperament, strong drive, solid nerves, and ability for a professional working environment or personal companionship.


Photo Credit:  Brenda Walker

Rin Tin Tin Offspring

What Does "Arbeitshunde" Mean?

Arbeitshunde is German, meaning "working dogs".  Brooke chose that name because she has a passion and love for the working line German Shepherd.

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Photo Credit:  Brenda Walker

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